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  • Deborah Hayes

The Value of Virtual Staging for Multifamily Marketing

When thinking about how to best market your multifamily properties, it’s important to think about bridging the physical world with the digital world. If you’ve ever looked for an apartment online, you know that the boring empty spaces are difficult to perceive. On a screen, a flat room without décor is essentially a void. However, staging can help provide depth to your listing, not only visually, but emotionally.

It should come as no surprise the 81% of prospective renters find it easier to visualize a property, and the life they can build there, when the space is staged. Physical staging can create a great impression as you are developing a warm space that can appear spacious and cozy. However, from consultation fees, furniture movement, design costs, and upkeep, each physical apartment you stage can cost anywhere from $7,000-$30,000.

If your immediate reaction is to feel your stomach drop, you’re not alone.

Luckily, the digital age has rescued the staging game. Virtual staging incorporates all the principles of staging but utilizes the digital medium. By adding digital furniture and décor, 3D artists can create warm photos, excite renters, and provide unit scale all through the use of a fun and customizable technology. Virtual listings require no consultation fee, zero preparation of the physical space or upkeep of the staged listing, and they allow marketers to update their design to meet new audience segmentations in the snap of a finger. You can also turn model units into rental units, giving you additional income. Best of all, virtual staging reduces costs by 97%, cutting your total down to $75-$300 per photo.

Additionally, virtual staging produces a huge assortment of professional photographs that can be used on all digital and print media! This can cut down your marketing spending exponentially as you can reuse the same content on multiple platforms. From apartment listing to banners or social media to posters, your photographs can engage your audience using any medium you desire. Google also love unique content, and high-quality photographs with virtual staging help you build a multidimensional community Google will love.

I’ve already laid out a pretty great case of the value of virtual staging for multifamily marketers but let me add one more: Staged photographs increase property rental speed by 73%. That’s right, you can also reduce your marketing costs by decreasing the amount of time you need to promote your listings! From the content creation to delivery, virtual staging saves you time, effort, and money. For multifamily marketers looking to increase ROI, save money and time, and beef up their digital archive, there is no better place to start than with virtual staging.

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