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  • Deborah Hayes

Does your customer experience support your brand?

Words without actions are meaningless, especially in business. Consumers are not interested in wasting their time with companies that don’t follow through on their promises. Effective companies combine customer service with marketing for a cohesive customer experience, so that actions match words! In fact, your customer experience is an essential tool for supporting your brand. There are two main ways to link your customer experience and brand. A brand customer experience is where the brand’s values come alive and the brand sets customer experiences for the consumer. Taking it another step forward, branded customer experience is when the experience is unique and recognizable, making it a special event that is distinct only to your brand. Both types of customer experience support your brand, so to decide which implementation is best for your business, thing about your company context, market, and overall strength.

Here are three essential ways to align brand and customer experience:

1. Customer intimacy

Articulate your brand story while focusing on the emotional and rational customer journey. What values do you share with your customers, and how can you relate them in personalized manners? Emotional connection created brand loyalty and increased recommendations and repeat purchase behavior. In every stage of the customer journey, make sure to articulate your brand story while showing your values in action.

2. Agile Execution

Adaptability is crucial to effective implementation of customer experience. In order to execute your strategy and support your brand, focus on improving the experience based on customer values, provide consistent delivery through all stages of the customer journey, and collaborate with all divisions of the company to provide branded customer experiences at every level.

3. Connection Organization

Live your brand. Your values should be behaviors that within the overall structure of your company. From branding to product delivery all the way through customer service, coherence of values is essential to a brand customer experience.

Have you already implemented a customer experience strategy and are now wondering how to evaluate ROI? Here are a few questions to ponder:

• What values are your promising and are you delivering?

• How do your customers interact with your brand and what are they saying?

• What feelings do your brand experiences deliver?

• Are your behaviors consistent in every touch-point interaction with your customers?

Most importantly, remember that your greatest assets are your brand and customer relations, and they can work together to build an incredible customer experience.

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