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This logo and branding we created focuses on the sophisticated students at Syracuse University. The upscale apartments offer modern design and smart home technology that includes apartments with voice activation systems. The modern metallic logo mixed with a bold color palette complimented the decor and personality of this beautiful property.

These student living townhomes are spacious and the demographic is fun-loving students at the University of Arkansas. This property is on top of a hill overlooking campus and are known for their pool parties which we kept in mind when developing the branding for this project.

These student apartments in

Buffalo, NY have a chic, upscale

vibe with contemporary design located in a popular neighborhood with a lot of nightlife. At their request we created branding that shows warm resident interaction with

“not too much snow”. Hence the tagline “stay warm, be cool”.

Located near the beach in sunny Pensacola, FL, the next offers large apartments  just steps from the University of West Florida. They asked us to create a modern logo and bright, clean branding for this new property. Connecting this airy design made us want to go to the beach.
Right across the street from University of Tampa is Apella on Newport. Inspired by the school’s mascot, the Spartan, we chose the name Apella because it was what they called a “meeting” in ancient Sparta. We chose a color palette that is bright and youthful and lifestyle photography that represents the student demographic.
Primary Logo_Tomato.png

The Lodge was a fun branding project. They wanted everything to have the feeling of an upscale modern lodge so we incorporated warm colors with clean, modern design. We look for elements indigenous to the location in all of our student apartment branding even down to what type of trees we show in the design. 

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