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  • Deborah Hayes

Apartment Community Social Media Campaigns

You’ve got a great property, happy tenants, and you are ready to fill your available units. When it comes to attracting potential renters, social media presence is the all-star of digital marketing. A successful campaign will speak to your specific target audience, feature engaging content, direct your audience to your website, and have a clear call to action. So, how can you maximize your social media campaigns to propel your apartment community?

First, focus on reaching your target audience on multiple platforms. Clearly defining your audience will direct your efforts and help you identify the perfect platforms to utilize for saturation. Each platform offers unique strengths, so lean into how the site is used and provide dynamic content to attract potential renters.

Once you settle on your platforms, you can begin to build your campaign. It is important to balance your sales pitches with informative content that provides value to your audience. In this way your followers will build a relationship with your brand and will come to trust you, making them more likely to turn to your property when they are ready to rent. Blogs are a great option for apartment communities, since you can share community-based information such as property events or local community updates. The key to a successful apartment community social media campaign is building a relationship with your current and potential renters that shows your brand’s voice and sparks conversation.

There are a lot of different ways to present this content in your posts. High quality photos that feature your property and the surrounding community can help potential renters imagine their life in your apartment. It can also be fun to have a current resident take over your social accounts for a day to build engagement and naturally boost your engagement and message dispersion. Videos are another amazing avenue for apartment community marketing that showcases your community while boosting post interaction.

Want to avoid the most common pitfalls in a social media campaign? Remember these five simple rules:

Define- Know your target audience and refine your posts to speak to them.

Diversify- Use multiple platforms, based on your target audience, to reach your potential renters and use the unique strengths of each site

Engage- Produce content with valuable, informative content and utilize high quality, engaging graphics

Regulate- Post on your social media accounts regularly in order to build a strong brand voice and keep your followers involved

Monitor- Check your analytics to verify that your campaign is effective and adapt as necessary

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