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  • Deborah Hayes

5 Ways to Effectively Use Reviews for Multifamily Marketing

My husband and I have moved a total of nine times since we’ve been married. I think we should write a book someday about how not to kill your spouse while moving. One time, we sold one house before finding the next one and spent the summer in an apartment. Since I’m the picky one, I took on the job of finding the apartment and during my search, I relied on the online reviews to give me a good feel for how happy or unhappy residents were with the property. We wound up in one that worked perfectly for our needs and had a really positive experience. (except the having to walk the dog instead of letting him out in the yard - but it was good for our waistlines)

A property’s online reviews plays such a big role in how potential renters decide where to live. But it’s no longer just enough to have good reviews online. These days, people expect the apartment community to respond to negative reviews and address concerns, questions, or feedback in a positive way.

So, how can you actually get those reviews and make the most of each one?

1. Simplicity:

How often have you gone to take a survey only to find that you need to jump through hoops to access and complete it? If you want to hear what your residents have to say, make it as easy as possible for them to submit requests, give feedback, and stay connected.

2. Listen empathetically:

I’m sure we can all relate to the frustration of hearing “we apologize for…” but then never seeing any true action moving toward fixing or resolving the issue. When a resident gives you feedback, listen carefully for the root of the issue so you can make sure they feel heard.

3. Respond effectively:

Whether the review is positive or negative, responding quickly and directly can build your credibility and help reinforce your commitment to your residents. Make sure you give specific information for how you will address or use the feedback given so they aren’t left wondering if it went in one ear and out the other.

4. Say thank you, even when it's hard:

Everyone appreciates being recognized for their time and opinions. Leaving quality feedback can take time and energy, so make sure that you show your gratitude for their effort.

5. Personalize your response:

Make every interaction you have personal. Using a pre-packaged response might be quicker, but quality matters. Spend the time to show you are ready to listen and support your tenants, even if it takes a few extra minutes.

By showing that you truly care about their experience, current residents and potential renters alike will feel heard and satisfied. It’s a great opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

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