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  • Deborah Hayes

Top 10 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

In the quickly developing world of Artificial Intelligence, you might be feeling overwhelmed with how to effectively utilize this technology in your marketing campaigns. However, there are simple ways to boost your brand and streamline your marketing through the use of AI. In fact, let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to use Artificial Intelligence for marketing.

  1. Brand Management: AI functionality can allow easy management of real-time customer interactions, allowing you to evaluation customer support and address any negative consumer reports efficiently. Through use of sentiment analysis and social listening, one of the top ways to utilize AI is to apply it to brand management.

  2. Predictive Insights: AI can track analytics and learn to predict consumer responses and behavior. By learning to track these patterns, AI can identify new trends and launch campaigns that are properly optimized.

  3. New Audience Acquisition: Through capturing and analyzing demographics, IP addresses, and overall analytics, AI can proactively identify new audiences and target them efficiently.

  4. Personalization: If you want to stand out from the competition, using AI can enable your brand to provide personalized content and make recommendations for your users that will set you apart.

  5. Internal Efficiency Gains: AI saves time by automating data-intensive tasks and providing highly targeted and personalized content to consumers.

  6. Search Functions: With the rise of voice-assisted search and image search, multifamily marketers can use AI to add ease and convenience to search functionalities in their marketing campaigns.

  7. Chatbots: AI chatbots provide interactive communication for consumers while decreasing customer service manpower; Talk about a win-win-win.

  8. Customer Retention: One aspect you might focus on is customer retention through property management efficiency. Using AI on the website can allow customers to complete tasks from home with ease and convenience.

  9. Virtual Concierge: AI can be used by marketers to interact with prospective clients for routine scheduling and common questions. This will free up your time and provide an excellent and convenient experience to prospective customers.

  10. SEO: AI can be highly effective for testing webpages, copy, or images on all digital marketing platforms in order to target consumers and build content that produces the best results.

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